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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our trip so far

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  We made it to Guthrie, Oklahoma and spent the night at a very nice RV Park.

Today was not so good.  We had breakfast at Braums which went very well until we went outside.  Linda saw a turtle walking in the parking lot.  Being the nice guy I am, I thought I would pick him up and carry him off the pavement to the grass.  Of course when I walked up he pulled his leg and head in .  No problem.  I picked him up and started for the grass.  I never knew turtles could pee so much.  That sucker peed on my leg, foot and all over the parking lot.   I did not drop him.  I just proceeded to the grass and put him down.  Then I went into the motor home and cleaned up.  The last I saw of him he was walking down a grassy slope.  I think he had a smile on his face.

We drove through a pretty hard rain and all looked well.  Then we got hit by a huge storm.  Traffic on the highway was slowed down to about 25 mph with flashers flashing.  I was looking for an exit.  The wind I found out later was 60 to 70 MPH and hitting me broadside.  We heard a noise that I thought was our antenna but I still could not get pulled over.  When I finally got to an exit and pulled over we looked through the kitchen vent and saw our awning.  The wind and rain was still coming down as hard as before.  There was nothing we could do except wait out the storm.  When it finally slowed down the awning was now over the door.  I finally got outside to see the amount of damage.  The awning had unwound from the middle and eventually filled with water.  I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service and they sent a mobile repair company out.  When he got there we decided to try letting the awning out since both side poles were still attached.  The awning came down and the water ran out.  We put it back up and down a couple of times and all seems well.  Good Sam paid for the service call and I paid $80 for a minimum of one hour.  It could have been worse.

We are now in a park in Georgetown, Texas for the night and will continue to Kerrville tomorrow.

I am wore out.  Tomorrow has to be better.


  1. If you get a chance, grab a quick bite at The Monument Cafe in town....G-town is 12 mi. east of the property we sold in Liberty Hill, Tx....

    1. Didn't get a chance to eat at The Monument Cafe. We went to Salt Lick in Round Rock. It is good, but in our opinion, not as good as the original one in Driftwood.