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Monday, October 22, 2012

We pulled the trigger and did it.

No we didn't buy a new RV.

We got a dog.  She is a four year old Shih Tzu and her name is Precious.

We got her from the Kerrville, Texas Humane Society.

The story is that a lady bought her and her sister and got tired of them after a couple of years and just put them out in the back yard.  They were in pretty nappy condition when she turned them in.

We felt bad leaving her sister (Gidget) there but there is no way we could get two of them.  They said not to worry, that she would be adopted before the end of the week.

They also told us that she was house broken.  They were right.  Tonight she came up to me and got my attention and then looked at the door.  Linda took her outside and she did both deeds.  What a good girl.

She is kind of like an RV.  LOL  A money pit.  We bought the crate, pad for inside it, collar, leash, toys, treats.  We bought her Trifexis for six months. That will prevent heartworkd disease (she is negative), kills fleas, and intestinal worms.  I think we are all set.

She is pretty smart.  She likes me, but she loves Linda.


  1. It does the soul good to save one from the shelter, well done my friend.

  2. Congratulations! Thank you for rescuing instead of purchasing from puppy store. You are a great ambassador, showing that a rescue dog does NOT have to come with issues.
    Debbie B.

  3. Thanks guys. She is really a good girl so far. Back to the pet store today for more treats and food. Got some "lite" adult food and will start mixing it in with the puppy food. I have been using the food processor and mixing less than an ounce of chicken into it. She seems to eat it better than when it is just dry.