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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slow Day

Went to the boat for breakfast this morning.  All this month the buffet is two people for the price of one.  I had a pot of coffee and Linda had a pot of hot water for tea plus all we cared to eat.  Let me tell you, these skinny older people can eat circles around me.  It is typical buffet type food and you can get eggs cooked to order.  Our total cost of $8.71.  Not bad for two people.

Emptied out three of the compartments on the motor home and reloaded them in a much more organized manner.  We have a lot more room now and we also know what kind of fishing gear we have.

Deposited a large chunk of money for my 401K into our checking account so on Thursday we can start paying off our debts.  Debt free is going to be a wonderful feeling.

We sit out under the awning and just talked for an hour or two.  That was very enjoyable.

We finished our day with haircuts for both of us.  Life is really hard.  I love it.

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