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Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to work.

We drove down to Clarkson yesterday to get some papers filled out so I can get my Medicare part B.  Ate lunch at Gates.  Linda loves their BBQ.

When we got back I had a 3:00 appointment to have my Grumpy tattoo touched up. 

This was the before.

This is the after.

There is a bigger difference that the pictures show.  After our trip the first of next week I will make an appointment to get my other two tats touched up.  Chris at "The Candy Shop" on Felix street in St. Joseph, Missouri does a very good job.

*** NOTICE:  Chris has started his own shop.  It is the Flying Pig Tattoo Parlor at 611 Edmond Street in St. Joseph, Missouri and the phone number is 816-273-0064.  I highly recommend Chris's work.

This morning we paid off some more bills.  What a relief it is to get things paid off and know that shortly we will be totally debt free.  It sure makes retirement with a fixed income more comfortable.

We are now making chocolate chip cookies with black walnuts in them.  Can you say DELICIOUS?

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