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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The End Has Come

I started this blog when we first retired and went full time in our motor home.

We thought we would be traveling more than we do and wanted to share our journey's with family and friends.  It ends up that financially we cannot travel as much as we thought and stay for longer periods of time in one place.  We work camped at our current park last winter, went to Missouri for the summer and came back here for this past winter.  Now we are staying here for the summer.

We have made the decision that when we stop traveling totally, we will be making South Texas our permanent home.  We really like it down here.

Who knows, at some point we might travel again and if so I might start a new blog.

For now, I am on Facebook as David Richardson.  Many of the things we do or see end up on there.  So that will be the replacement for this blog.

Thanks for following and I hope through my links and pictures you have been able to enjoy in some way what we have seen and done.

God Bless!

David and Linda Richardson and Precious

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