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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Highway 16 - Pre and After Rain - Awning

This is just one of those catch up posts.

I was driving to town on Thursday afternoon and saw this on the side of the road.  When I went past the first time the road side of the house was sitting on the pavement.  They have raised it up and put blocks under it and somehow moved it about two foot further off the road.  I am not sure what happened.  I am just guessing that they were moving maybe on the trailer to the left of it and it came off.  This is something you don't see everyday.  It is on highway 16 south of Kerrville.

This is also on highway 16 south of Kerrville.

They seem to have a good number of people attend on Sundays.  They come in both cars and on motorcycles.  One Saturday they had some kind of get together and had a large crowd outside playing games and eating, etc.  There are two picnic tables under the trees.

Here is a shot of our motor home from the road.

And here are some shots of the creek Thursday afternoon before the rain.

The first couple of pictures are by the road and the other two are by the picnic table.  The water has dropped about four to five feed and totally dried up in several places.  The fish are only down by the road now.  There is on area of water that still has some depth.

Here are some pictures of the rain clouds.

This is right before the rain really hit.  I was taking this picture and a huge crack of thunder came.  Linda screamed and said to get inside.  See the trees blowing.

We ended up getting 4 7/8 inches of rain according to the rain guage.

The creek is back up to the level it was when we got here in June.  It is still muddy but at least most of the fish didn't die.

And, last but not least, here is our new awning with the awning clamp fastened for traveling and unfastened when the awning is in use.

Along with the heavy rain I have a new leak.  It is at the skylight above the bathtub.  I took down some trim that was wet and the only place is seems to be coming from is the skylight itself.  We have an appointment on Monday to take it in and get the leak fixed. 

It has been cloudy and we have had some light rain since Friday with no further leak, but it still needs to be fixed.  Today the temperatures are in the upper 70s.  It sure is a nice break.

That's it for now.


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