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Friday, March 22, 2013

It has been a really good week

This has been a real laid back kind of week.  We relaxed a lot more than normal.  I could really get into the retirement thing. 

We made it to our groups happy hour several times this week. 

The back of Ruby's head, Dave, Linda, and Roy

Linda, Roy, and Krista

Ruby, Carolyne, Rob, and Krista

Thursday someone had a beauty shop appointment.

That's our little precious.  She is so excited when she gets back from her beauty treatments.  She just bounces around and we have to go see everyone cause she is so pretty and smells so good.  The following are a couple of her dog friends she visits.

This is Cheech and she is a lady.  

Here is Jin.  He is the gentleman of the group.

We missed Cody who was not there when these pictures were taken.  Cody is the puppy of the group and loves everyone.

Now, those that know Linda knows that she usually is not crafty at all.  But, you saw my hat band in a prior post that she made out of beer tabs.  Well here she is making her own yesterday and the end result.

I might have to put her to work this summer making hat bands and then we can sell them next winter when we are back in Texas.  She does a real good job.

Tonight our group is going out for pizza and then tomorrow the Manager is treating all the work campers to a BBQ.  We will be having pork steak, chicken, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, and a sheet cake along with ice tea and lemonade.  Of course several will be taking their own drinks.  We were going to have it out on the island, but due the fact that the temperature is suppose to get to 100 we will cook outside the club house and eat inside.

After that some of us will be playing poker.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  The other night we played Omaha Hi/lo.  Interesting game.  I will have to try it again.

That's it for now.

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