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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's getting lonely.

It seems like every day one or two more RVs pull out heading north.  I am guessing over 2/3s of the people have already left.  March 31 the last six in the Park Models will be leaving.

In our group of close friends one couple will be leaving this Sunday after the Easter meal.  Then another couple on Monday.  Then the final two couples on the 5th.  If we can get everything completed, we might leave on the 6th.  It depends on the weather in Missouri.  If it is still snowing we will probably wait until the 13th.  My how time flies.  But we have met some really good people, both in our close group and others also.

Linda went the the ladies yesterday and bought some crafting materials so we can make hat bands out of pull tabs.  It will give us something to do this summer.

Tomorrow we have planning on going to Mexico to stock up on some more medications.

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  1. David, if in Mexico, fluticasone (Flonase)--can you check and see if they sell it over the counter. Ridiculous we have to pay $90 to see someone in the HEB clinic who has to issue a prescription for the wife. Just curious as to the cost, in pesos, of course. :)