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Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013/09/08 - Another busy weekend

We have been cleaning on a unit for rental on 9/22 and then got a call on Friday.  Four units need to be ready by Tuesday.  A survey crew is coming in and are renting these four units for four months.  Now we know why we got here early.  We were originally scheduled to be here between October 15 and November 1.

We started early on Saturday morning and got two of them completed and ready to go.  The other two need to have the electricity turned on and won't be on until Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  Hmmmmm?  I went to those two early this morning and did what I could without power.  They should not be hard to complete if we get electricity.

Then I came home, took a shower, and our neighbor Karen and us went to breakfast at DIAZ DINER.

Karen had the Migas Plate with bacon which is scrambled eggs with potatoes mixed in.  Of course it had refried beans and tortillas.

Linda had the Ham and Egg plate which is scrambled eggs with ham mixed in and then the hashbrowns and tortillas.

I had the Chorizo and egg breakfast taco which came with refried beans.  When I finished it up I had a piece of Coconut Cream pie which was delicious.

It's a good day in the valley.