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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Problems bring blessings

I was sitting at my computer tonight and looked down and saw the carpeting on the floor was wet with a capital W.  The search was on.  I found water spraying behind the toilet where the fresh water comes in.  So we have the water turned off until sometime tomorrow.

For my non RV readers, RV toilets work differently than normal house (sticks and bricks) ones.  There is not a water tank that flushes into them.  When you  flush an RV toilet the water comes in from the water line and flushes it down.  So, why did you tell us that David?  We now have a five gallon bucket of water sitting in the bathtub that we can flush with. 

That is one blessing.  We can still use the toilet.  The next blessing was the park manager let use his shop vac to vacuum the carpeting and I got about 1 1/2 gallons out.  It is still damp with fan blowing on it.  The next and best blessing is that one of the men here in the park is a RV repairman.  He will fix it tomorrow.  From what others have said, he is very good and very reasonable.

Now that I have possibly told you some things you wish you had never heard I will close with something George Baily said.  "It's a Wonderful Life."

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  1. Alternate Headline: "RV Living, It's Always Something"..

    Have RV tech coming out today to assess 3 issues...we will determine how good our ExtrRide warranty is, as well..