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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Water Problem is Finished

The last post I told about the water line to our toilet breaking.

It was kind of like a religious experience.  Everytime we stepped on the carpet it was like having our feet washed.

Don't get offended, it is just humor.

The man here in the park had to pull the toilet and replace the valve on it.  The end result ended up costing $60.  That was a bargain in our opinion.  It works well now and the carpeting has dried.  There seems to be no problems.

I had a man wash the motor home today.  He charged $35 and it looks very good.  All the bugs are gone off the front which is very nice.  It was sad today to hear about the Kansas City Chief linebacker Jovan Belcher killing his girl friend and self today.  She was 22 and he was 25.  They had a three month old daughter who is being cared for by family.  What a waste.  Life is to short as it is.

We are watching "John Carter" on TV tonight.  I can see why it was not a big success as a movie.

Right now I am reading "Abraham Lincoln  Vampire Hunter".  It is kind of interesting so we will be renting it from Red Box soon and see how that one goes.  LOL      TRAILER

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  1. $60, that's a deal! Nice when you have someone in the park handy so you can avoid service call fees as you will see in our next post. Have a blessed Sunday, off to visit a quirky Austin..