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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Number one reason to do some things early in the morning.

I have been looking at the paddle boats here in our park and the beautiful water in the lake.  Now that looks like fun I thought.  So, I went down early this  morning when no one was around.

I had my water shoes on and got the boat in the water.  Got in it and found it to be stable.  Boy oh boy, this is going to be fun.  I started drifting away from the bank and found that I could not sit in the middle and paddle with one leg on each side.  I was afraid to move to one side so sit there thinking about the solution. 

Oh crap!  Time to stop thinking and take action.  I am drifting further out into the lake.  All is well.  I look around and no one sees me (unless they are in their places looking out the windows). 

Ah ha!  I found the solution!  I bend over and start paddling with my hands.  Whoops a small problem.  My stomach is on the steering control.  So, I point the rudder in the direction I want to go and start paddling.  Damn wind.  But I am making process.  Twenty minutes later I finally got close enough that I got it stuck in so weeds so I could rest.  Rested up and finally got to shore.  Still no eyes watching me that I can see and I don't hear any laughs except for mine.

I put it away and look at the row boat.

Nope!  That is for another day.  I can handle a row boat.  Well anyway I could before my shoulder surgery.  Maybe next Sunday morning I will try it.

Sorry there are no pictures.  They would have been really funny, but I didn't let Linda come and watch.

Gosh!  I love retirement and all the adventures that come with it.

Here are a couple of pictures that I posted when we first got here.


Fat Man's Misery

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