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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Number Seven

I always liked the number seven, but I am tired of it.

I played Texas Hold em at the club house last night.  We started with eleven players and I ended up number seven.  I was not unhappy as it was my second time to sit in on a game like this.  I really enjoyed it.  All I had ever done was play on the computer and that is not the same at all.

Today we played again.  We started with ten players and I ended up seventh again.  First, second, and third places win money.  I don't feel bad about no placing in the money, but the next time we play it is time for me to move to sixth or lower.

We are still working on preparing the park models for people coming in on January 1.  I still think there will be no way to miss our deadline. 

We went with the park managers to Mexico this morning and picked up some more of our medications. Then we had lunch at Poncho's and it was delicious.  Linda and I had our leftovers for supper.

We also got a wonderful package in the mail today from our son Duane and his family.  I was a canister full of home made cookies and candies.  Thank you guys very much.  Everything is delicious.

Tomorrow evening is the gift exchange at the clubhouse for those that want to participate.  We have already bought a man and a woman's gift and just need to get them wrapped and take some finger food.  It should be fun.

I really like this retirement thing.

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