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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Water Problem Returns

On December 1st I told about the water line breaking and our carpeting getting soaked.  We got the break fixed and sucked water out of the carpet and blew fans on it.  Everything seemed good until a week later.

We now have floors that bow down when you step on them.  We thought this could possibly be the end of our full-time living in the RV due to the age of it.  However, one of the guys here said, "You don't have insurance?".  I called the insurance and yes it is covered.  We have a $250 deductible and they will depreciate the carpeting.  But that is wonderful news.  The flooring will have to be torn out and replaced before we even think about carpeting.  Our policy also has $2000 additional living expense which will cover lodging while we are out of the RV.

The smiles are back on our faces.  We are waiting for the adjuster to come tomorrow and also are going to get an estimate from a RV repair shop here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Life is looking up.

Merry Christmas to us.

Also, it is snowing and in the 20s back home in Northwest Missouri and 66 degrees here in Mission, Texas.  We love this life.  :)

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  1. Nice enough Christmas gift...from another RV'er who has had to use RV insurance this year! Merry Christmas from your Texas brother 400 miles north of you...where it will be 27 tonite...