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Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013-08-30 - We are happy

We are happy now.  We broke down and bought a small 5.5 cubic feet chest freezer and put it in our shed.

For those that don't fully understand RVs, the freezer is usually pretty small and ours won't keep ice cream frozen hard.  It is more like a firm soft serve.  I like hard ice cream.  Now I can buy ice cream.  We can also buy meat when it goes on sale and frozen products.  We can also use our portable ice maker that we bought while in Missouri to make ice and keep it in the deep freeze.  That will give us more ice.

Why would a person want more ice?  The temperature currently is 102.7 with humidity of 35 per cent making a heat index of 107 degrees.  We drink lots of ice tea, ice water, and other iced drinks.  You know, ice coffee.

We had breakfast at Diaz Diner again this morning.  Linda had two ham and egg tacos and I had sausage and eggs.  Breakfast is always good there.

We had supper last night at the River Club which sits on the US side of the Rio Grande River.  We both ordered the tenderloin which was a mistake.  One is big enough for both of us.  We now have enough for two more times.  I also ordered the Texas Toothpicks which are pieces of onions and jalapenos coated and deep fried.  After frying them there is almost no heat left and I really like them.

That's it for now.

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  1. Oh my jealousy bones are showing. I want a small freezer too! One day soon...