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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What An Exhausting Day

I was up at 6:00 a.m. this morning getting the motor home ready to pull out for the roof repair. 

We got to the repair shop at 9:00 a.m. and they started on it immediately. 

Last winter when we were in the Rio Grande Valley we had a roof leak and had a mobile RV place come and fix it.  They did what I thought was a good job.  They put this tar tape around all the vents and put Dicon down.  We had some more rain and no leaks.  I was happy.  Then as know it rain hard here the other day and we ended up with a couple of leaks.

It ends up that the people last year just put the tape on.  This man took it off and there was water under it.  He power washed the roof, dried everything, used a cleaner to clean the area and then put down the same stuff but heated it like you would do on a house to make sure it adheres.  Then I had them go ahead and seal the entire roof. 

I with my heart beating rapidly climbed up on  their ladder and looked at it.  It looks really good.  This is the same place that put our awning fabric on and I trust them.  I happened to be in a auto parts place today and in our discussion mentioned that I was having my RV worked on and he said "I hope you took to the guy in Ingram.  He is very good and reasonable in his prices.".  That is who I took it to.  Time will tell.

We finally got it back about 5:30 tonight.  We had driven around looking at various things, shopped, and ate breakfast and lunch and were wore out.  I remember those days when I still worked that you would sometimes have not a lot to do and it was tiring trying to look busy.  This was the same.

Now, I just hope it rains so we can check it out before leaving the Kerrville area to go back down to the RGV.

The price was very reasonable and did not break the bank.  Whoopee!

Tomorrow will probably be one of those do very little days.  I have to replace a bulb in one of the headlights of our car and I might start on the framing around the mirror in our living room.  I bought the molding today.

Right now I am having a large Captain Morgan and Coke and then I will go to bed. 

Good night all.

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  1. Praises for good prices! We were in a town of 500 folks at a campground that had RV repair shop on site in N.Y., $92 an hour, again, in a small Eternabond tape on my slider has peeled back significantly (yes, imagine that, from where it slides in)--so tape on the way via Amazon and then got to buy hair dryer to heat up old stuff and remove...ALWAYS SOMETHING!