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Friday, September 21, 2012

Return to Medina Lake

On 8/27/2012 I posted some pictures of Medina Lake and the results of the drought.  It was a sad sight seeing all the closed businesses and houses and very small amount of water in the lake.

Since we got 7 1/4 inches of rain last week according to the rain guage and the fact that the creek that runs through this property is running higher than we have seen it since we got here we thought we would go look at the lake again.  (WOW!  That was a long sentence.  Oh well)

We got up early today and drove to Bandera for breakfast and then on to the lake expecting to see more water in it.  We did not expect it to even be half full, but we could not tell that anything had happened.  We could not tell if they had any rain at all.  We won't be going back this year.  Hopefully if we get to be in this area next year we can go again and it will have improved.

Boy oh boy.  Bandera was full of bikers and their babes.  They are here for Rumble On The River this weekend.
I wanted to come back for some of the activities but Linda said no.  Too many hot babes and hot activities.  LOL
I was thinking about the Naughty Nighty and the Wet T-Shirt.  Ouch!  I got slapped on that one.  They also have a tattoo contest.  I saw some pretty neat ones at the restaurant.  Oh what the heck, I'm to old anyway.

Got back to where we are parked the the guy that worked on our roof had been here and checked on it.  He said when he was in the area he would stop and make sure everything dried properly and looked good.  I will call him tomorrow and check it.

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