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Saturday, August 3, 2013

8/3/2013 - Fish Fry

Here at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge they have a group of local residents and businesses that are called "The Friends of The Refuge".  They financially help out the refuge in many areas and also sponsor and donate a lot of time on the "First Friday" activities.

First Friday is the first Friday of every month.  There are always free hot dogs, many activities such as Archery, turtles and snakes, the museum with bee hive and others. 

Last night was the last one of the year and was a fund raiser.  In addition to the free hot dogs, they had a $5.00 fish fry, raffled a beautiful quilt, silent auction of over sixty items, a live bald eagle and golden eagle from the St. Louis Zoo and may other things.  It just so happened that the snake they had gave birth to 12 babies on Thursday night.  Everyone loved seeing them.  (I thought they would make good fish bait.  lol).

We had 488 people attend and they made just under $4,000.

It was a long day and night but a lot of fun.  This weekend is also our last weekend here.  We will be heading towards Texas shortly.

As of now, we don't plan on coming back here.  It was a great gig, but all Linda had to do was go outside and you could see ticks crawling toward her.  She has been sick for the last four days.  We went to the doctor on Thursday and she got a prescription which seems to be working.  The doctor said it was probably from a tick bite.


  1. From a guy in Central Tx at 1,300 ft elevation, you shall pace yourself--here is to suggesting 10 miles per day of travel toward headed to Kerrville or Mission?

  2. We are heading to both places. I have a guy (Jim Lopez) in the Kerrville area that does good RV work that I am going to stop and see. I'll have him check out my roof and then on to Mission.

  3. We're in northern California and there were many tick attachments when we first came in May, but they seem to have slacked off when the warmer weather came...

    Enjoyed your post.