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Monday, September 16, 2013

2013-09-16 - Catch up

There us not a lot of interesting thing to catch up on.  But, here goes.

We got the four units ready in time and the survey crew came in.  They are all young guys in their 30s and 20s, but seem to be real nice guys.  Two of them came and played poker the other night and had a good time.  One of them took 3rd place. 

Linda and I have another unit ready to be rented and will work on another one tomorrow. 

It has been raining and raining here.  There is no worry of flooding here at the resort.  But things are really greening up and that is nice.

Precious is very happy to be here.  She just keeps going to the sites where other dogs were last year and looking to see if they are here yet.  One couple in in Fort Collins, CO.  They are not flooded, but they can't get out.  Another couple is still in the oil fields guarding their gate and the other couple are still in Oklahoma visiting with family.

We played poker again  tonight.  There were eight of us with an entry fee of $5.00.  I came in first and got $20.  The second place winner got $15 and of course third got $5.00.  I am learning to "play"
 poker and not gamble.

It sure is nice to have our little deep freeze.  We had pot pies for supper and then I had ice cream.

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