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Thursday, September 13, 2012

They Didn't Tell Us This Before We Went Fulltime

I got your attention with that heading didn't I?  But it is true.

We were prepared for the smaller space in our motor home verses our three bedroom/2 1/2 bath/split foyer house with two car drive.  We love our new lodging and the 15 minutes a week it takes to clean it.  We love the travel and seeing new and different places.  The motor home is paid for so we consider gasoline as a part of our rent.  Our homeowner insurance is much less that it was on the house.  Since we tend to workamp, our utilities are mostly or totally free.  That is why we can go out to eat and go to the movies so much and still add to our savings.

Now for the part we weren't told about and didn't think about.  HAIRCUTS.

We have  both gone to Ellen for the last 18 years.  When summer got close all I had to say was "Let's change over to the summer cut."  When winter came it was "We can stop the summer cut now.".  She took care of it and I didn't have to know what I wanted.

Not being in the same place for long periods of time can bring some BAD interesting hair cuts.  Last winter I was never completely happy with how my hair was cut.  The good part is that it is hair.  It will grow.  I know some of you don't have this hair problem, but so far I still do.  LOL

Here in Kerrville I have found a good (make that very good) barber.  He was in my post on September 9.  His name is David Jackson and he owns Frontier Barber Shop on south 16 highway about three miles south of Kerrville.  The first time I went in I told him to make it short.  He used #4 clipper on the sides and finished the sides and top with the scissors. The next time I went back I told him I would like it a little longer higher up so he used the #4 by the ears, a #5 higher up and then finished with the scissors.  Presto!  It was perfect.


Here are some pictures of his shop.

Remember in my other posting I said how he was an amateur photographer and takes pictures of his customers and puts them on the wall of his shop.

Here are some shots of the inside.

This next picture is Britney (I hope I spelled it correctly.).  I have seen her skills and she does a great job also.  The second picture is her chair where she works.  It is by the front window.  I noticed right off he put her there to pull in customers.  You always put the best looking one in sight.  Just having fun David and Britney.

If you are in the Kerrville area and need a haircut, give these guys a try.  Tell them I sent you.  No, I won't get anything out of it, but just want them to know how much I appreciated them.

I noticed I showed up in some of these pictures.  Darn mirrors.  As you have noticed in most of my postings you won't see me often.  That is planned.

That is it for this time.

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