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Sunday, August 25, 2013

08-25-2013 - Misc pics and our current setup for the winter

Here are the Lily pads at Swan Lake National Refuge.  They or beautiful and smell really nice.

Before we left my friend that I worked with at Clarkson Construction many years ago and her sister and grandson came up to visit us.  It was a really nice visit.

Doris, Anthony, and Jean

I worked with Doris and it was really nice to see her.  Linda and I and Doris and a date went out several times and always had a good time.  I met Jean several times at Pampered Chef parties and other places.  Dominic is Doris's grandson and he is my new buddy.  Him and I had some good times.  Cool kid.

These next two pictures are not real good.  I came from inside with the A/C outside to the humidity and it fogged up my lens.

Grandson Kane and Linda in one of the outside  hot tubs

Granddaughter Amaya heading to the pool

Here are some pictures of our new spot at Canyon Lake RV Resort for the winter of 2013.

Linda and Precious spending a little time outside

Finally, here are some pictures of my tattoos of my eight grandchildren.  Hey daughter-in laws there can't be anymore.  lol

Donnie's daughter Anna who plays volleyball, Luke who runs track and flies on the basketball court, and last but sure not least is Elly who takes dance lessons and is pretty darn good.

Duane's son Kane who lifts weights and Ronnie's son Bryce who plays baseball.

Duane's son Jordan and Ronnie's other son Tyler who also plays baseball.  He has to share the baseball with Bryce because there was no more room.  So goes life for the youngest.

And last but sure not least is our little flower child Duane's daughter, Amaya.

Right now it is part of a sleeve.  Next year we will either add color in between the shading or add a couple of more tattoos above these.  I was going to have a band around the arm to cut it off as a partial sleeve, but Chris with Flying Pig Tattoo Parlor said he did not put one on his arm so that he could add more tats.  Linda piped up and said that is what I should do.  Yeah, it isn't her arm that gets stuck with a needle thousands of times.  lol  I kind of like the idea also.

If you are ever in the St. Joseph, Missouri area and need a tattoo, I highly recommend Chris. 


  1. David, no Rio Grande Valley this Winter--did I miss something? We are an hour away from Canyon---how long you hanging there?

  2. Canyon Lake RV Resort in Mission, Texas is where we are. This is the same place we were last year. We really like it here. It feels like home.

  3. Color me confused---I thought you were at the Canyon Lake west of New Braunfels, huge RV hot spot....and we were going your way this week and was going to stop by :).....

  4. Looking forward to your Texas adventures. We may head to Rockport in January.

  5. We have thought about Rockport and heard a lot of good things about it, but came to Mission and love it here.