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Saturday, August 24, 2013

8-25-2013 - Good savings on overnight RV Parks

For my RV friends out there or anyone who is considering the RV lifestyle I want to tell about the savings on our trip from Missouri to Texas the first part of this week.

We belong to Passport America.  If you are interesting in joining after reading this, please click on their link on the bottom of this blog.

Passport America has participating campgrounds all across the US and in parts of Canada and even Mexico.  You pay half the price of a normal charge.

Now, here is my disclaimer.  If you only camp on weekends you might not get your money's worth.  Many of them only are good during the week, which is when we travel.  Some or for only one night and others for more.

We stopped in Iola, Kansas and instead of paying $22 paid $11.  Thackersville, Oklahoma we paid $12 instead of $24.  And in Kerrville, Texas we paid $17 instead of $34.  That was a savings of $40 for our trip down.  In the spring when we head north we will use Passport America again.  It cost $44 a year so after one stop on the way north we will be money ahead.

We have used Passport America since we started RVing and have always saved more than we have paid.

Check it out.

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