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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dry County

The Workamper Rendezvous we attended had one huge problem.  The location as you know was Heber Springs, Arkansas.  That is a DRY county.  Yipes!  I saw one restaurant that said also private club.  They were closed.  Last Friday until 4:30 (beer 30) today before I had a beer.  Most days our meetings would end about 4:00 and I envied the guiys here at Sharp RV that were having "Beer 30".

I survived and was probably better for it.

I am going to show three pictures of Sewee Pig.  The first one is of him heading to his new home.  The second is of him spotting his new home and then there he is in all his splendor sitting on his new home.

For my non RVing friends let me do a little teaching.
RVs normally have two holding tanks.  What is a holding tank?  One tank is a place where you sink and shower water is held until you can dump it in a proper location.  It is called the grey tank.The other tank is called the black tank.  Can you guess what it holds?  Yep!  What goes through the toilet.  I don't know why it is called black instead of brown but we won't go there.
You will notice the hose going from the RV to the pig.  Under the pig is a pipe like a clean out pipe for you sewer at your home.  That is where you get rid of what you are holding.  Normally people put various things from rocks to boards or anything else that will hold the fitting into the pipe.  Let me guarantee you that you do not want it coming out.  Well, Sewee pig is a plastic pig that fits over the fitting going into the pipe.  It has a gallon of water or sand in it to give it weight and keeping it from coming out.

I know I have a weird since of humor, but it is fun.  I will be sending emails with pictures of my pig #22 to Workamper News as he travels around this great country of ours.

Linda is still hoping to stay in St. Joseph until Thanksgiving but I am now real fond of these temperatures we have been having.  I miss my shorts and T-shirts.

Goodnight for now.

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