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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Food, Fun, Games

We had an enjoyable evening last night.  The owners of the park we are in and three others had a workers meet and greet evening.  All four parks met at one of the other parks.  The owners furnished smoked brisket and smoked chicken and lemonade and tea.  And we all took a covered dish.  All of Linda's taco salad was eaten.

They started the evening out with "Autograph Bingo".  We each go a sheet like a bingo card except each square had a title in it such as (someone wearing shorts, has been on TV, is wearing contacts, is from Kansas, etc.).  It was a cute way of meeting people.  Then they had some people sing and then we ate.  The pot luck dishes were good.  After we ate the managers of the parks were introduced and the owners spoke to us.  They seem like some really nice people.  They are from Germany.  I found that interesting. 

After that there was a "Newly Wed Game" with one couple from each park.  It was pretty funny.  Then a man sang on of my favorite songs (House of the rising sun) but he sang it in French.  It was different but I really enjoyed it.

For the younger followers of this blog, this is part of the exciting life of a senior.  LOL

Today is Sunday and we don't have any plans yet.  We might go to the pool later.

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