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Monday, April 15, 2013

In many ways it is good to be home

Since we have been back in St. Joseph, we have had the opportunity to spend time with our family and many of our friends.  We went to Blue Springs and visited with Linda's brother and sister-in-law and went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE for dinner.  It was good food and good fellowship.  We miss seeing family and friends while away, but love our new lifestyle and will stick with it for awhile.

One of our friends is in the RV park we are in and own his own auto repair shop.  I had him change the oil in our car and if the weather straightens out, he will change the oil in the motor home and generator while we are parked here.

We have eaten at several of our favorite restaurants and next week plan on going to Kansas City to stop in where I use to work and also eat at CASCONE'S Italian restaurant.  It is one of Linda's favorite.

Today we went to CASINO WHITECLOUD.  I had received a birthday card which was good for one buffet and $10 to play with.  Of course I lost their $10 and deposited $20 of my own and Linda deposited $20.  I won and she did not do as well.  But, when all was done, we both had lunch and played the machines for over an hour and walked out even.  It was a good day.

Another thing I forgot, due to the colder temperatures we bought Precious the cutest little coat the other night.  She is already cute, but really cute in her new coat.  LOL

Yes!  We are old people now.

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