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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9/2013 - The Lone Ranger Revisited

The other day I gave our review of the movie The Lone Ranger.

It is getting terrible reviews and being called a flop.  Both Linda and I stand 100 per cent behind our review.  We still think it was very good.

I saw one reviewer that said it was not the Lone Ranger he use to watch.  No it was not and it was not suppose to be.  It was funny.  A alleged Native American (American Indian) said he was offended because Tonto running around with a dead bird on his head was embarrassing to the "Native Americans".   Go take a nap.  It was not trying to make fun of our "Native Americans".  His bird was funny.

If you want a realistic western do NOT go see it.  If you want a comedy, go see it.

Enough said.

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