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Monday, April 2, 2012

No More Fishing For This Time Down Here

This past weekend was as usual very crowded.  I chose not to fish. 

This morning I went down and fished for a couple of hours.  Finally got a strike on my fly rod but missed it.  I caught a couple and let them loose on my ultra lite.

The water is not totally clear but much much better.  When I was getting ready to get out of the stream there was a young man fishing between me and the place I normally enter and exit.  I didn't want to interfere with him and tried to get out at a steeper location.  Can we all say clutz?  I fell on my left knee.  It is very stiff and swollen.  I can walk on it but it is a bit painful. 

It is suppose to rain tomorrow and Wednesday so I put all my fishing gear away and will take it easy until we head home Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

It has been a very enjoyable month.  I look forward to setting up at Sharp RV Park in St. Joseph so I can once again enjoy beer thirty with my buddies there.  The beer is good but the fellowship is even better.  They are a neat group of guys.

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