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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11th Street Cowboy Bar

WOW!  We really had fun.  They had four round grills that were each five feet across.  We only bought one side order which was a HUGE baked potato, salad, and lousy roll.  I let Linda have the salad and 1/3 of the potato.  We neither one could eat all of our rib eyes that we took so we brought some of them home.

This is a cowboy bar.  The music is country western.  Surprising we loved it.  I have never seen so many boots and cowboy hats in one place before.  Everyone was very friendly.  While I was cooking a guy sat down and talked to Linda until his wife motioned him over to talk to some of their friends.  Then this guy with boots, spurs, or course jeans, cowboy shirt, hat and red scarf came past our table and bumped into Linda on purpose and excused himself and sat down and talked to us.  It was really neat. 

I am going to have to spruce up on my one step so we can get out of the dance floor with all the others.  We plan on going back.  These city folks had a real good time.  Bottles of beer were $3.00 and can of Diet Coke was $2.00.

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