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Saturday, June 16, 2012

La Lomita

We have arrived at our new workamping job at La Lomita Ranch just outside of Kerrville, Texas.

We arrived yesterday and met the couple (Greg & Bette) that was turning it over to us.  They will be back in September.  We spent most of the first day getting set up.  And then Greg and Bette showed us around and how to get in and out of the various buildings and the ranch house.  After that Linda and I drove into Kerrville and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Mommacita's.  The food is very good and the freshly made tortillas are wonderful.

This is our second day and I finally did a little work.  I put bird feed in the many feeders and fed the fish in the creek.  Lambs creek runs right through the property.  I went down by the picnic table and dis some weed eating.  I opened up a path to the creek that had grown over.  Watered the flowers by the house.

Here are a few pictures:

Road if you don't turn in that goes over Lambs Creek
Road & gate to get in.

Right side of road

Left side of road

A little further up on the right side towards La Molita

Picnic area by Lambs Creek
Linda sat on the bench in the shade and enjoyed the breeze and shade

Opening I made with weed eater to get to creek

Tree by picnic table with Spanish Moss

More wild flowers
Wild flowers

Hill from picnic area to ranch house   
Cacti by road

RV spots

Home Sweet Home

The following pictures are of the outside of the ranch house.

 Greg and Bette will be here until Monday in case we have any further questions.  They are a very nice couple and we wish them safe travels.

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