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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Flexability of Retirement

This is a great life.  If you plan on doing something today and don't get around to it, there is always tomorrow.

Our plans have changed again.  I saw an ad the other day on about a workamping job in the Hill Country of Texas.  They needed someone right now but since we are taking some of the grand-kids on a vacation starting May 30 I emailed them and said we were interested but not available until June 15.  I got a call yesterday and we start on June 15.  It might go  thru October or might end September 15. 

The job is a bird sanctuary/ranch.  Basically I will mow a small amount of grass, fill bird feeders, treat for fire ants, and feed some fish.  Should take no more than  eight hours a week.  For that we get our site, all utilities plus get to use the washer and dryer in the ranch house for free.  There won't be anyone else there.  It is not a RV park.  We are a presence on the property.  There are deer, turkeys, doves, and occasionally we might see a wild boar but most likely not.

Presently we are paying $400 a month where we are at so that is $400 a month savings.  It is only six miles from Kerrville, Texas.  We have been to Kerrville quite often and really like it.  There is a Mexican restaurant that we love there.

We are real excited about this opportunity and then are scheduled to start our next position in Mission, Texas no later than November 1.

I will miss the  guys here at Sharp RV Park but I can think of them at 4:30 each day when they have beer thirty.

Oh!  One other thing that is really nice is that they have soft water to our RV and for the laundry.  I won't have to use my water softener. 

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  1. Awesome, and coincidental. We lived past 2 yrs about 2 hrs northeast of Kerrville, and then lived the first 30 years of our life 10 miles east of Mission. Small world. I would get me a TX hunting lic, too :). Enjoy...we are only 6 weeks into the FT part, so another 10 mos and we will look to workkamp.