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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kansas City's Rockfest 2012

Yesterday came and is gone.

Kansas City's Rockfest (This was the 20th year) is the largest one day rock concert in the nation.  Each year for the last at least four years there have been over 55,000 people in attendance at the Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The gates opened up at 11:00 a.m. and ended with fireworks at around midnight.

Here is a slideshow of pictures better than the ones I will post:  Rockfest Slideshow

I took two of my grandsons, Jordan age 16 and Kane age 15 to the show.  They had a great time.  Both of them got a bit battered in the mosh pits but survived with smiles on their faces.  The pot was the worst it has been.  I have no objections to people having fun in their own way and all I saw were just having a good time.  The boys even commented that they were bothered by the smell.  Hey!  It is Rockfest.

Once again, Grandpa could not make it to the end and my GREAT grandsons did not complain when I finally felt the need to go.  It is kind of like a Chiefs football game.  The tailgating gets you going and then you enter the stadium for the game.  The problem with the Chiefs is that they don't always win.  Rockfest always wins from the people to the vendors, to the entertainment.  I like the music, but seeing all the people is my main entertainment.

Of course "Breastfest" is part of it as girls collect beads for showing the breasts.  Yes, the boys took beads with them.  Kane used most of his.  Jordan kept his and enjoyed the view as others threw their beads.  Smart kid!  I have a couple of those pictures, but will not be sharing them as some younger people read this blog.

Here are some of my pictures
This is Jordan.  He has had his picture taken in front of the vendor for all three years he and I have came.

This is Kane.  It is the first year he has had his picture taken in front of this vendor.
This is the first year I have seen this vendor.  They had some interesting saying on their T-shirts.
This was a guy dress as the Flash.  There were a lot of people dressed up in costumes this year.

The following are three pictures of the crowd and the fourth one is the screen at the main stage showing the second stage and the crowd at it.  The amount of people here is amazing.  And on the whole they are very polite and nice.  Just a bunch of people having a good time.

This is Jordan and a couple of his friends, Tristan and Trevor.  They call themselves the "Rat Pack".   

The following three pictures are of the boys being goofy at the restaurant after we left.

It's the morning after.  I am hacking and coughing from the smoke and saying this is probably my last year.  But in all reality when next year gets here, I will probably do it again.  I do enjoy it and I would hate for the boys to miss out.  If I can still walk, I will probably be at Rockfest 2013.

On a last note, I only drank one beer at the very beginning.  I drank water the rest of the time. 

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