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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Male menopause?

WOW!  I was sick from Friday evening until Tuesday morning.  That is today.  At first I thought it was the flu due to fever and those sharp pains in the joints.  But then the night sweats started.  So I looked up my symptoms and very possibly I was having a unitary tract infection and male menopause.  I may now understand when Linda has a hot flash.  Not fun!!!   I don't care what it was, I am just happy it is gone.  It was getting old sweating through two sets of sleep clothes a night.  Enough of that.

 We took one of our drives today.  The most exciting thing we saw with this little fellow:

He/she had very pretty blue and green colors but I could not get it to stand still in the sun.

We did find a place where they were selling home grown tomatoes and bought a bag full for $3.00.  They were in boxes and you took them out of the boxes and put them in a sack and put your money in a locked box in the booth.  They are delicious.

We also bought some more peaches just outside of Fredericksburg.  These will be the last of the season.  They are not ripe enough yet but will be in a day or two.  We have bought from this vendor two prior times and they were very good.

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