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Friday, July 20, 2012

Supper at Paw Paw's

As planned, we went to Paw Paw's for supper last night.  I got the 16 oz Rib Eye, salad bar, large baked potato and to delicious rolls for $15.95.  It was very good.  I could not eat it all, so now Linda has some to chopped up for her vegetable/beef soup.

Linda had the two meat special and chose ribs and marbled brisket.  They were both very good.  How do I know.  I ate for lunch today what she could not last night.

Paw Paw's has all you can eat ribs tonight for $14.50.  We will go another Friday night.  We are staying in tonight.  It is 93 outside.  I just got back from feeding the fish and it is hot.

Since I put the feed block out for the deer we have been having them show up at different times during the day and night.  When I went down to feed the fish there was a momma and baby eating. 

Today has been another slow day.  I put feed and weed out on the grass by our RV after the sprinklers had wet it down real good.  Tomorrow I will get up early and do the main yard.  The sprinklers there run every Saturday morning automatically.  The sprinklers for the two RV spots run every Monday and Friday morning.

Until my next post, I bid you good night.

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