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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Just realized that I had not put my wheel covers on the RV.  So I put them on this morning.  The idea of wheel covers is to protect your tires from the sun and the damage it causes.  Since RVs normally don't drive as many miles a cars, the tires wear out from old age and cracking instead of wear and tear from going down the highway.

Covers help the life of tires when sitting in the sun.  The recommended life of a RV tire is no more than seven years.  I am normally ready for new tires on my cars in two years or less.

Yesterday was a day of rest.  We did go into town and bought a new shower curtain and a feed block for the deer.  We have not seen them eating on it yet, but this morning I could tell that they have been.  We hope to watch them eat.

Tonight we are going for supper at Paw Paw's.  On Thursday nights they have a 16 oz rib eye steak for $15.95.  We ate their bbq two days ago and it was very good, so I can't wait to try out the rib eye.

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