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Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Day - Another Drive

We started out this morning going into Kerrville for breakfast.  When we got done with breakfast we decided to take a drive in a different direction.  We drove for four hours starting out West, then South, the East, and finally back North to go home.

We drove over the Guadalupe river and saw the following waterfalls so we pulled over and took a walk down to the river for these pictures.

Since we were doing a lot of driving along the Guadalupe river we decided to find the beginning of it.  I talked to a lady at the Conservation department and she said that in fact it did start at some springs and how to get to them.

I am use to springs in Missouri (Bennett and Roaring River) so I was expecting to see a hole with a lot of water coming out of it.  Not the case here.  There is a lot of water coming out, but it is just coming out at a lot of different spots from under rocks.  The first couple of pictures is the water just appearing and the last is it flowing into the river.

Later as we were driving along we saw this gate to the End Of The Trail ranch.  Linda really liked it so we took a picture.

A lot of people don't enjoy taking drives like this but Linda and I love doing it.  We saw many other beautiful sights that we did not take pictures of.

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