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Monday, August 27, 2012

Beautiful Medina Lake

First off, I know I haven't posted lately;  I could not think of anything to write about.  We still are loving our new life style.

Before I talk about Medina Lake I thought I would show you one of our resident birds.

That is a roadrunner.  I didn't ever think about it, but they actually fly.  I always saw Wiley Coyote chasing him and him saying "beep beep.",  He didn't say a thing and we didn't get to see him run.  He just sat there and his topknot kept rising up and going down.  It was pretty neat.  Do they run?  Beats me!

Sunday after we had lunch we were driving around and found a road that goes up to this.

You will see their website on the bottom of picture two but here it is anyway.  Cross

I won't stay on this subject long, but clicking on the link and reading about this endeavor is worth your while and also worth visiting if you are ever in the Kerrville, Texas area.  So far the cross is the only fixture in place.  Some of the locations have been paved and are awaiting the sculptures to be placed. 

There are several plaques inside the cross that I read and I really felt like I was in the presence of  God.  I will be going  back before leaving the area.  I mailed some literature to my pastor in St. Joseph for this place.  They also gave me some CDs of praise music for free that we listen to in the car. 

Now on to Medina Lake.  We drove to Medina Lake today and were shocked by what we saw.  I had read where the drought has really effected it.  Here is a link that I found on the Internet that shows it before.  Medina Lake pictures

And here are some that we took today.

The latest thing I have seen said it is down to 16 percent of what it was.  There are some beautiful homes that were on the water and now are at least one to two blocks away.  One lady said she heard that it would take a heavy 17 inch rain two different times to bring it back.  That is because of the hilly area and the amount of rain water that would run into it.

We saw an unbelievable number of businesses that are no more.  The number of empty houses made us feel so bad for the people.  How many jobs have been lost I would have no idea.  We drove away with a very sober feeling.

Our creek still has water in it, but is keeps getting shallower and shallower.  We have some deeper holes that I hope will save the fish.

By the way, another new baby was born to the deer.  He/she is so cute.  We have went through two of the three 50 pound bags of corn and it has been well worth the $30 we spent.  I hope whoever follows us up will feel the same.

That's it for now.

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