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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bathroom mirror and Photoquest, 2012 at Kerr Arts & Cultural Center

I got the mirror back in the bathroom with the new trim.  I tried to hid any flaws in the pictures.  But, for me it is a good job and it does look better than the old one does.  Now I want to replace the towel bars and the light above the mirror.  I can't find a 12 volt vanity light that I like so far.

This is the living room mirror but looks like the bathroom one did.

These are a couple of pictures of the new frame in the bathroom.

The barber I go to is David Jackson and is a member of the Hill Country Camera Club.  He takes pictures of his customers and hangs them in his barber shop.  One of his customers is a professor of the local college and told him he was creating history.  He talked to the college and they did a display of David's photographs and called it "The Faces of Kerrville".  Now when he takes a picture he sends a copy to the college.

Today Linda and I went to the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center to see some of the pictures from the camera club.  This is a picture of David in front of some of his pictures. 

David told me when I was in his shop getting my hair cut about the horse and cowboy.  He was at the rodeo and just happened to get this picture.  The cowboy was hung up on the horse and could not get lose.  He had both knees up against the horse hanging on and waiting for help.

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