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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today's Lunch at Taqueria Jalisco

For anyone reading this blog that have not been to Texas, the further south you get the more Mexican restaurants you will find.  Today we at at our favorite Mexican restaurant if you want Mexican food.  It is Taqueria Jalisco on Junction highway.  I have tried seven or eight different things and loved each one of them.  They have wonderful breakfast tacos and I have gotten the pork torta several times.

You can't judge a book by it's cover nor can you judge the quality of the food by the looks of a restaurant.

Of course with your before you order what you want to drink they bring tortilla chips and dip.  Linda likes the salsa in the bowl.  It is a little spicy but I like the one in the bottle.  You have to eat a lot to kill the burn.  After about four chips covered by it, the burn is no longer felt and it tastes really good.

Today's special was chili relleno filled with either ground beef or cheese and came with a small salad, rice, and beans.

Linda had the cheese filled.

I had the ground beef filled.

We each tried both of them and they were both delicious.  The special was $5.99 and filled us up.  I had to finish Linda's relleno and she ate my rice because I am not a big fan of Spanish rice. I will say theirs is the best I have tried.  We also got fresh made tortillas with our meal.

This place is always busy.  Two weeks ago we were eating there and when the family behind me got up and left I looked over and Linda with sitting there in awe.  Thomas Haden Church and his family had been sitting behind me.  He had on normal ranch clothes and rubber boots you would wear in the ranch around the cattle.  Mr. Church was Spider Man III when he first started out he was the TV show Wings.  When we got home, Linda looked him up.

Here is some information about him:  Thomas Haden Church .  Here is some of the things he was in:  Movies.

I was so proud of Linda.  She didn't jump up and run after him asking for his autograph.  She is still kicking her own butt, but I am glad.  LOL

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