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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bed Sweet Bed

Oh it is good to be home.

We left last Wednesday morning at 6:00 am from Kerrville in the car and made it to Wichita, Kansas before stopping for the night at a Comfort Suites.  The next day we drove on in to Kansas City, Missouri to the Fairfield Inn by the airport and stayed there until Monday morning.  That evening we drove up to St. Joseph to the house which we use to own and sold to one of our sons.  We ate supper and visited for awhile.

Friday morning we both had doctor appointments at Kansas University Medical Center which the results of turned out very good.  We drove back up to St. Joseph and picked up one of our grandsons and one of our grand-daughters and took them back to the motel with us.  We planned on using the pool but never did find the time.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then went to the movie and saw Dark Knight Rises Again.  I am not a big Batman  fan but it was pretty good.  The kids and my wife thought it was really good.  My grandson and I went to Em Chamas Brazilian Grill for supper and made pigs of ourselves on the meats they keep bringing around.  My son had given me a certificate that payed for all but $17 of the cost.  My Wife and grand-daughter went to Cascone's Italian Restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  Our son had given her a certificate that covered all but $18 of their meal.  My wife had dropped my grandson and me off at our restaurant and then picked us up when they were done.

Sunday morning we ate a late breakfast and then went back to our son's house where we watched the Kansas City Chiefs continue with their losing ways.  My grand-son calls them the Kansas City Chefs because they have only one win which comes with a "I".  Hey!  They are our team and we continue to support and root for them.

Monday morning Linda had a dental appointment and then we headed back to Kerrville.  We spent the night in  Norman, Oklahoma at another Comfort Suites and drove on in on Tuesday.  It sure was good to get back.

Comfort Suites in our opinion have good beds but they are too hard.  Fairfield Inn again in our opinion have very good beds but to us they are too soft.  Our bed in the motor home is JUST RIGHT.  Sounds kind of like the "Three Bears".  LOL

Everything back at the ranch was just like we left it except the grass has grown.  I guess I know what I will be doing.

This morning we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for breakfast and then this afternoon went to the movie to see Taken 2.  We saw and enjoyed the original Taken movie and wondered how this one would be.  It was very good.  This will be a Red Box watch it again for sure.

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