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Monday, October 1, 2012

"Singing In The Rain"


I feed just like Gene Kelley.  It is raining again and I am dancing and singing.  The roof does not appear to be leaking.   Whoopeeeee!

It rained 1 3/10 inches the other day and this morning we have had a nice rain and no leaks.  Oh what a relief it is.

The negative is that the fire ants will really get active now.  That's alright, I have poison.  

The grass has really greened up and looks great.

I hope it has been raining in Mission, Texas.  That is our next stop when we leave here.  We will be at Canyon Lake RV Resort in Mission for the winter.  When we were down there earlier this summer, they had been pumping water into the lake and it was looking much nicer.  I hope to do some fishing and paddle boating in our spare time.

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