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Friday, February 15, 2013

A good night at Texas Holdem

Last Saturday our of 30 players I was the first out.  How disgusting that was.  I had played to much on the computer and it is not like real life at all.

Tonight (Friday) we had three tables of seven people at each one.  After 2 hours and 45 minutes I finally came out the 1st place winner.  Friday nights it cost $3.00 to get in so with 21 players they payed the top 5.  I ended up with $30.  It was nice to win the money, but the real nice thing is to end up in first place this time.

My method this time was not to gamble at all and just play to the best of my ability.  I only played hands that I thought were good.  Normally I have the bad habit of chasing straights and flushes.  Not tonight.

It was fun. 

Tomorrow night is the Valentine's dance.  There is a whole group of us going to sit together and P A R T Y!!!!

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