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Friday, February 15, 2013

The joy of owning a dog!

Oh joy!  Oh joy!  It is 5:45 a.m. and Precious is whining.  It's potty time.  It is freezing outside.  It is 49 degrees.  I know that is right down warm to my family in Northwest Missouri, but it is cold to me.  I have to put long pants on to walk her.  Today it is suppose to get up to 77 degrees so that means back into the shorts.

So, it is grab the poop (WalMart) bag, put her on the lease and go for our walk.  Will it be 1/2 mile this morning or a mile.  Only she knows.  She has to smell everything and pee on most things she smells.  By the time we get back half of her pees will be fake (nothing there).  I don't know if she even knows or not.  All in all she is a really good girl and we have come to really care for her.  We got her a haircut last week.  They come pick her up, dip, wash, clean the ears, cut the hair (real cute), trim the nails, express the anal glands (I don't even want to know what that is), blow dry her, put bows in her hair, put perfume on her and bring her home.  She must love it because when she gets home she has to go for a walk and visit with everyone and really prances.  Ha Ha  She is so cute.  Oh!  And they do all this for $35.  You can't beat it.  Everyone here seems to use them.

The temptation!  On a cold morning like this it is sometimes tempting to hold the bag in your hand for just a little bit after picking up her poop.  But, instead I hang on to it by the handles after tying it closed and go on.  Ah!  It is going to be the mile walk today.  She is taking me around the lake.  At least I turned the coffee pot on before leaving.

I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I would much rather she would wake me up than not to.  I really don't mind that much.  It is good exercise.

This morning the police are at their outside shooting range which is about a mile from us.  The first time I heard them shooting I thought it was a drug war going on.  They should tell people when they check in here so they will be aware.  All newcomers ask what the shooting was about.  For those that don't know, most of the residents in this area are of Hispanic origin.  They are nice people, but us folks from the north read about the drug wars and we are only minutes from the border so it can be intimidating at first.  I don't think they have anymore crime in this area than in Kansas City.

That's it for this time.

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  1. Yeah, I asked the girl at Fantastic Sam's if they offered the Anal Gland Express program, and they do not..for inquiring minds.