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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Starting preparations for departure

We went to Don-Wes flea market this morning and picked up or screen for our awning.  We will use it this summer for a little more shade and privacy.  Also picked up a 18 pound bag of oranges and stopped at another of our favorite places and got two 10 pound bags of oranges for $2 each.  They have a lot of seeds but are delicious and make wonderful orange juice.

I washed my window awnings and put them up after they dried.  This evening our group is meeting at one of our groups place and having a cook out.  Since two of the couples will be leaving on Monday it is a change to get the freezers and refrigerators cleaned out.

Blondie gave Linda four big bags of clothes yesterday and she has been going through them.  A lot of them fit her and we will be bringing more home with us for one of our daughter-in-laws and grand daughters.  They are really nice stuff.

We can't hardly wait for next Saturday to head for cooler weather.  It is already 88 here today and it is only noon.

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