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Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/29/2013 - Here we sit

First, a picture for you.

This is Linda with a tick collar on her ankle.  The excess that she cut off she put in her bra.  I may laugh, but she is my wife and I love her and am proud to call her my wife.  We will see if this works.

Looks like we will be staying on the property for a few days.  The water is coming over the entry road.  I just watched the FedEx man turn around and go back. 

The good thing is that we stocked up on supplies the other day.  Also, where we are parked is higher than the Visitor's Center and the flood of '93' never did reach the Visitor's Center.  There are a huge amount of wet lands that can flood.  This place is over 11,000 acres in size.

The week before we got here it had also flooded and they said the locals come in their big four wheel drives and gig and bow fish.  It should be make for some good pictures.  Free entertainment.

And yes Karen in Mission, Texas we would love to send some of this down your way.

Also, they do have boats here, but I ain't getting in no stinking boat unless it is big.

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