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Friday, May 3, 2013

5/3/2013 - Another day and another of life's lessons

I knew it was suppose to snow last night but didn't give it any thought.  I left the awning out.

When I went out this morning the awning was full of snow and drooping.  I got the snow off of it after using a broom on it and put it away.  I will open it back up later so it can dry out.

We got quite a bit of snow but it is melting now.  The temperature got down to 32 but has gone up to 36 so far.  Tomorrow is suppose to get back up to 50.  I can't hardly wait.  Even 50 will be great.

I drove around on the refuge earlier and the birds weren't doing a lot.  I did see some pelicans flying.  The were sure pretty.

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