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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/26/20913 - Trip to St. Joseph Last Weekend

We went to St. Joseph last Friday and came back home on Sunday.  Our granddaughter Amaya was nice enough to let us use her bedroom.  Thanks Amaya.

While we were there we went to the first park built in St. Joseph, Krug Park.  These are pictures of the natural bowl where they can have plays, weddings, concerts, etc.  It is a beautiful place.

Below this green area that you see is a rock wall with a similar area before you get to the seats.

Here is our car parked in the shade while we took Precious for a walk.  She peed until she was dry and still tried some more.  It was doggie heaven.

And here is a picture from the bottom parking lot looking back up.

Here are three of the houses just outside the park from back in the early years.  There are others but these have been updated.

There are many homes like these throughout St. Joseph.  It is a very historic city.

Today, Wednesday, I mowed again and Linda snapped a picture of me.

I mowed for three and a half hours.  There is still another four hours or more of mowing to get done.

My grandson, Jordan, started his new job as a cook at Chick-fil-a yesterday.  He said he really likes it and will be working five hours a day for four days this first week,  We are very happy for him.

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