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Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014-03-14 - Bicycle Wreck

Well, this time it was Linda's turn.  She rode her bicycle down to the office yesterday and when she stopped, she couldn't get her foot down fast enough and fell over.  Two men came up and helped her up and into the office.

She hit on her left side.  Once small cut on her lip.  A small ouchy on her left knee.  Left hand in the thumb area hurts.  One of two bumps on her head and scratched her glasses.  She had a pain on the other side of her head so I took her to the doctor.  All appeared to be well and the doctor said due to the head hit, to just take Tylenol for the pain.

Today she is really sore and has her own bottle of Tylenol sitting out for every four hours. 

I guess we will get her a helmet.  Oh, and probably should get her elbow pads, knee pads.  what the heck, a suit of armor.   She doesn't think any of this is funny, but she sure laughed at me a couple of weeks ago when I wrecked on mine. 

We are having some nice weather for the next few days.  More people are pulling out almost every day.  Probably close to half of them will be gone by the middle of April. 

That is it for this time.

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