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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Drive Down Memory Lane

Linda and I took a drive down memory lane today before we leave after Thanksgiving.

This is Limpp Lake outside of King City, Missouri.  Years and years ago we use to bring our tent up here and fish.  It was here that we got a visit from the Highway Patrol letting us know that our youngest son, Duane, who had been staying with his grandmother was taken to the hospital with severe asthmatic bronchitis.  We use to catch crappie and catfish at this lake.  

This is King City Reservoir.  We also fished here with my mother, brother and his wife.  Another great place for crappie and catfish.  Oh the memories.  In the background you can see some of the windmills that were put in a few years back.

Above is a picture of the campground at Rochester Falls about 10 or 15 miles up 169 highway from St. Joseph.  Back in the early years of our marriage we were so poor that for vacation we would come up here and stay in the tent for the entire week.  You didn't bathe very much so the bugs would not bother you as much.  The second picture is on top of the hill that you had to climb down to fish.  It now has a very nice set of steps.  The third picture is on ground level.  This was prodominatly a place to catch catfish, but we also caught carp, crappie and bass.  Once Linda caught a walleye and we had to have someone tell us what it was.

Today was a wonderful day.  When we were young Linda and I loved nothing more than driving around and this was one of those days.  The wonderful memories it brought back.

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