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Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are finally on our way!!!!!!!!!

We left St. Joseph, MO on Monday 11/21/2011 on our way to Texas.
Just north of Chanute, Kansas along side the highway there were some rock walls and we saw two funny looking creatures.  As we got closer we could tell they weren't big dogs and also not Shetland Ponies.  When we got almost to them, one of them started skipping up the side of the rock wall.  They were goats.  Hey Ivy, did you know they were there?

Our first stop was in Chandler, Oklahoma at Oak Glen RV park.  I have no pictures for this stop since it was raining like biblical times.  The leak we had over our sink prior to leaving that Steve at Sharp RV Park fixed for us stayed dry as could be.  Thanks again Steve.  However, we had a pretty good leak around the skylight over the bathtub.  We will get it fixed when we get to our final destination.  The next morning it was cloudy but no more rain.

Right before we got to the Texas Visitor's Center we saw a sign that said scenic overview.  We pulled in and parked at the bottom of a very long driveway up to the top of the hill.  Now this is our first scenic view and we would not be held back by a hill.  Up we went and like most scenic views it was not overwhelming.  Here are a couple of pictures.

This is our proof that we were actually in Texas.  This is the Visitor Center on highway I-35.

We spent Tuesday night at Cactus Rose RV Park outside of Mingus, Texas.

I have read many nightmare stories on RV.NET about the trials and tribulations some have had on their trips.  We now have ours.

First, let me say I will never complain about the highways and roads in Missouri.  When we got to the RV park and I started unhooking the car I found that we had scraped the tow bar at some time or another and cut our electrical from the motor home to the car which works the lights on the car.  I have to say the owner of the park was very helpful and tried as hard as he could to help me get one.  It was almost 5:00 and everyone was closing so we were going to get a new one the next day. 

Morning came and we decided to drive to Franklin's RV Center just inside of Abilene.  I was driving the motor home and Linda was following in the car.  About five miles down the road she called me and asked why I was not using turn signals.  I asked her if I had brake lights and I did not.  Now I was at least smart enough to know that we had blown a or some fuses.  We pulled into a rest area and I got the book out.  They were under the steering wheel and to the left.  There was no way I could get my body there.  Linda tried and could not get the fuses out.  So off we went heading to Abilene.  I made sure to stay in right hand lane and not change lanes.  There were highway patrol and sheriff cars all over the place with people pulled over.  We had one following us for about ten miles.  I didn't know I could sweat so much.  We got to Franklin's and they found and fixed the problem.  Since we bought a bunch of parts and supplies they did not charge us for the service charge.  Instead they sent us on our way wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Yesterday the 24th we arrived at Quiet Texas RV Park in Hondo, Texas.  We will stay here three nights and hopefully head on south.  When they say quiet they mean it.  It is outside the town and away from major highways.  The only sounds are the very soft sound of the windmills they use for electricity. 

We went into San Antonio on Thanksgiving and had a wonderful turkey dinner with a complimentary glass of wine.  Mmmmmm good.

Tomorrow is "Black Friday" and as of now we have no plans except for calling to see what is open down south.  It could end up being a day of rest before heading out again.  This will be the first "Black Friday" I have missed in many years.  Hey, this RV living helps to save money.  You don't buy because you don't have space. 

That is it for tonight.  Now for a nice cold beer.

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