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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Why am I still in Missouri?  Last night it rained like biblical days.  The wind blew and blew and blew.  Some of our chairs and such that were outside were blown around and we developed a leak in our roof.  Steve, my friend from the RV park we are in climbed up and said everything looked good and that it might have been the wind lifting up my vent cover.

We thought all was well and then it started raining again.  The drip started again.  He can't work on it until things dry up so now we look like "rednecks".  We have a wheelbarrow turned upside down over the vent until we can get it fixed.  Hey, don't laugh.  The leak has gone away.  We have to fix it because I can't drive down the highway with the wheelbarrow up there.

Since I was wet anyway I loaded the gas grill into the car and took it to the car wash so I could get it cleaned up prior to packing it for our travels.  Nice and clean now with no smell.

I also installed our new heated water hose up since the temperatures are dropping tonight.

Life is good.

One thing about the winds last night is that Linda and I feel very safe in the motor home.  It was solid as a rock.

Retirement is really hard.  I think I will go read a book now. 

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